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As implied by the title of the book, "Untangle Yourself", the subject of this book is about how one can untangle themselves. We currently live in a complex global world which is getting more complex by the minute. With complexity comes entanglement. Entanglement breads stress, confusion, and unwanted strife. Since we can not control others, one needs to finds ways to deal with the complexity and hopefully make their understanding of the complex be simple. So people need to find ways to define the complex into simple and understandable meaning for oneself. The method they use to accomplish such a state is different for each person. That is the very reason why this book project has been setup to allow collaboration by people from all walks of life so they can explain, compile and come to conclusions on different methods of how one can go about untangling themselves.

There are various reasons for a person to want to untangle themselves, one of which is to be able to enjoy the moment which the person is currently is in be it when they are relaxing or challenging themselves.

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